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     Teaming with APOGEE



In line with our motto and objective to COMMIT, DELIVER and EARN TRUST of our customers APOGEE intends to grow with a mixed team of experienced consultants and young engineers having passion and commitment to DELIVER. All team members at APOGEE are groomed to honour, nurture and enhance these basic business ethics and values that we strongly believe in and we proudly stand for. APOGEE is committed to create a work culture and environment that is self-driven and it stands on the foundation of mutual respect and trust among one another.

To ensure we DELIVER the committed quantum and quality of work to our customer to achieve our ultimate objective – EARN TRUST –  APOGEE is committed to provide and enhance necessary skills and experience to our team of consultants and engineers through structured training programs, workshops, webinars as well as participation in various industry forums.

The definition of GROWTH at APOGEE is overall persona development of a human being including technical skills as well as soft skills. The only way to grow at APOGEE is to develop and enhance technical skills such as experience, domain knowledge, skills to work with software tools etc. and soft skills like attitude, discipline, commitment, teaming, knowledge sharing, mentoring etc.


Transparency, equality, mutual respect & trust and integrity form the foundation of our existence.

We have small team with everyone getting equal attention and recognition

We provide flexible working environment and people can choose their work as they like it.

We do not make unrealistic delivery commitments to customers that put the project team under stress.

We do not compromise and will tolerate the compromise on committed quantum and quality of work irrespective of project budget and cost.

We believe in uniform travel and living policies for all at APOGEE.


If this is the working environment that excites you, please contact us with a copy of your CV and cover note that describes your experience, career objectives and area of interest to or



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