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Prometheus S.r.l., Italy


Prometheus is an Italian company founded in 1985 which offers it’s proven Decision Support System (DSS) an integrated single window solution for entire Refinery Supply Chain Management covering following aspects:

1. Crude characterization and crude assay management
2. Refinery planning (LP model) including embedded simulation models for refinery units
3. Refinery scheduling, including movement and shipment scheduling, blend scheduling with optimization and process unit scheduling
4. Crude blending and shipment management

Developed by Refinery experts DSS applications are flexible, user friendly and do not require a deep knowledge of operational research techniques.

The Prometheus Decision Support System DSS is a suite of software applications. Each application has a particular task and is fully compatible with the others, using the same crude oil database, blending calculation rules and plant calculation models. DSS combines consolidated technologies such as Linear Programming Techniques (LP) and Property Blending Methods (BM) with proprietary Plant Simulation technology (PS).

DSS applications empower the user with the wide experience that Prometheus achieved over forty years of studies in the refining sector.

  We provide solutions on the Following:  

CUTS: This software builds the crude oil characterization database, which is shared between all other DSS applications. Each crude oil is characterized by a list of pure and "pseudo" components calculated on the base of the crude assay data provided. Read more

SIMRAF: The refinery technical-economical simulator. This application supports the refinery medium and long term planning activities, combining both process simulation and linear programming optimization. Read more

PRORAF: This application simulates the logistics connected to the refinery by a "events driven engine". It calculates the time evolution of the status (volume and quality) of each refinery object represented (tank, tank farm, pipeline), considering the events involved in the refinery supply chain. Read more

PROLAV: Wide and customizable refinery process simulation model, allows the scheduling of processing operations, accurately predicting the final production balance. The model replicates plants operating conditions, quality of feed and status of all refinery tanks. Read more

OTTMIX: This application supports the day-by-day preparation of refinery finished products, optimizing the blending recipes according to quality and quantity of available stocks and market prices. Read more

CDU-SCHED: Relying on OLE technology to exchange data with an external process simulator, builds in a few seconds the steady state process simulation of a Crude Distillation Unit considering the crude oil mixture fed to the unit and the quality targets desired for the effluents. Read more

EPM: Monitoring of refinery energetic performance. Values of main energy performance indicators (furnaces operation, power stations, utilities balance) are processed and normalized considering current operation to be compared with reference values. Read more


Unique features of Prometheus DSS that makes it versatile technology for a multi-refinery environment:


Single window integrated solution that includes modules for all facets of refinery supply chain management viz.



Crude characterization and crude assay management (CUTS module),


Refinery wide long term and short term planning and optimization (SIMRAF module),


Refinery operational feasibility check to verify whether refinery will meet the short term plan (SIMRAF module) – no need to separately run scheduling module to carry out this check.


Refinery operations scheduling including shipments (pipelines, rail, truck, ships), internal movements, blending including blend optimization and process units scheduling, (PRORAF, PROLAV and OTTMIX modules), and


Refinery unit simulation models to update yields to match the planning and scheduling models to reality. (SIMRAFand PROLAV modules).


Common database across all modules to ensure highest level of data integrity – no movement of data through MS Excel and associated hassles.


Plant simulation models are embedded in the Planning (SIMRAF) & Scheduling (PROLAV) modules. Due to this it is easier to verify yields alignment to reality.


Possible to use Crude Characterization module (CUTS) for online optimization of crude unit during crude switch, if the actual composition of crude tank is available online.

  We provide refinery configuration and feasibility studies along with Prometheus.  


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